Business Degree

Why Business

College-NOW Business administration is a two-year program that allows high school juniors to enter North Central State College and Pioneer Career and Technology Center on a track to receive an associate’s degree in conjunction with their high school diploma.

This unique combination is designed to provide students with both the useful skills that come from a liberal arts education, such as critical thinking and communication skills, as well as a solid foundation in business principles. This associate degree in business can prepare students with the necessary business knowledge and communication skills they need to move forward, whether that is pursuing a higher degree or moving on to a career in business. Promoting a fun atmosphere while providing academic rigor.

The Best of Both Worlds 

North Central State College has been selected to provide  the  Associate of Arts  (AA) transfer degree.   The  AA  degree  includes  the  core curriculum courses most baccalaureate programs require. The Board of Regents has agreed that the AA degree will transfer to all of Ohio’s public colleges and  universities.

That’s great news for prospective students. You can get the first two years of your basic studies finished while:

  1. still in high school
  2. living at home
  3. keeping your part-time job
  4. saving thousands of dollars

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Watch the following clip to find out what the students and faculty have to say about this great program. Fall 2015

(Thank you to Cory Harris who created the above video as part of his video production class at North Central State College.)

Watch the following clip to find out what current juniors have to say about the program. January 2016


 Demographic Profile  

Class of 2020  Kehoe / Ashland
   Females =  13 / 6
   Males =  7 / 4

Class of 2019
   Females = 14
   Males = 14

Class of 2018
   Females = 15
   Males = 7

Class of 2017
   Females = 11
   Males = 4

Geographic Profile

Class of 2019
   Ashland, Buckeye Central, Colonel Crawford, Galion, Lexington, Lucas, Madison, Mansfield Senior, Plymouth, Shelby, Wynford

Class of 2018
   Shelby, Madison, Lucas, Buckeye Central, Galion, Plymouth, Ontario, Clear Fork, Lexington, Northmor

Class of 2017
   Shelby, Ashland, Col. Crawford, Ontario, Wynford, Northmor, Lucas, Galion, Plymouth, Hillsdale, Willard

Class of 2016
   Hillsdale, Galion, Crestview, Lucas, Clearfork, Ontario

Class of 2015
   Galion, Willard, Col. Crawford, Mansfield Sr, Lucas, Cleark Fork, Shelby, Ontario, Plymounth