The Student Success Center administers several tests to new students for course placement purposes. Some assessments may be waived with equivalent ACT scores or transfer credit, see individual degrees for minimum requirements. 

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Note: The first Accuplacer Next Generation test for each student is FREE, however, effective May 1, 2012, a Non-Refundable fee of $25 applies to any retest.

To register for ACCUPLACER Retest:

  1. Schedule a ACCUPLACER retest appointment by calling 419-755-4764.
  2. Take the completed ACCUPLACER Retest Payment Form and $25 payment to Cashier's Office .
  3. Present the "paid" ACCUPLACER Retest Payment Form to the Student Success Center when you arrive for your retest appointment.

Questions? Contact the Student Success Center 419-755-4764. 

When should you prepare?

Before taking the ACCUPLACER or ACT

Save time and money by preparing for the exam before testing. This can help avoid taking unnecessary classes as well as save on the need to retest.

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Ways to Prepare for the Accuplacer

Online ACCUPLACER Preparation

Use any of the following sites for practice and review of Reading, Writing, or Math

 The Tutoring Center offers free tutoring for those interested in preparing for the ACCUPLACER or improving skills in reading, writing, or math.


Khan Academy

Great resource for refresher videos and practices in math.  Math at Khan Academy