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Application -- NC State is moving to an online registration form.  Paper applications will no longer be accepted.  Check back for registration details.  You can register at Pioneer or Ashland County-West Homes Career Center to hold your spot for the 2019-2020 school year.

If your current high school is Ashland, Hillsdale, Loudonville-Perrysville, Mapleton, or West Holmes please apply through Ashland County-West Homes Career Center at

  1. Click “Apply Now” in the top right side of screen,
    Under the heading “HIGH SCHOOL” click box “Apply Now”
  2. Click “Apply Now” and complete all sections.

All other students (including home school) go to the Pioneer website:

  1. Click “ENROLL” in the menu on the top right side of screen,
    Under the heading “HIGH SCHOOL” click box “Apply Online” (You may need to allow popups on your computer)
  2. Click “Apply Now” and complete all sections.
  3. Read over the terms agreement at the bottom and click “I agree” in both
  4. Click “Submit application for enrollment” button.
  5. Pioneer Students click the link that says “Complete required forms
    Click on link for “Parental Consent Form”, YOU MUST PRINT THE FORM, complete it, have a parent/guardian signature, and then TURN IT IN TO YOUR HIGH SCHOOL GUIDANCE COUNSELOR.

ALL Students 

1.  Apply online to NC State CCP program (details pending)

2.  Print out the counselor form, complete the top portion, and give the form to your school counselor.  Click here to (updated form coming soon)


PRIORITY REGISTRATION DEADLINE is TBAStudents that have completed all three of the above steps buy this date will be the first students considered for the program. Most accepted applicants will be on PENDING status until we receive Accuplacer/ACT scores and final transcripts in June.

Students and strongly encouraged to have taken the ACT and/or Accuplacer test before April 19th

Submit ACT Scores with Application
call NC State College’s Student Success Center at 419-755-4536 to schedule your Accuplacer college placement test.  Most students take this test in the beginning of April after receiving the Pending Status admissions letter.

Please study for this exam especially the MATH portion. (You may refer to the study guide at /resources/compass-act-testing to help prepare for the test.)

If you have not attended College Credit Plus (CCP) Meeting watch the video at look under the Guidance section.  Parent & student are required to complete the process for College Credit Plus!

How to improve my scores and be better prepared!!!

Pioneer Summer Virtual Learning Academy - For student that need to improve their Math scores or have never had Algebra II and would like to be better prepared for the Fall College Algebra Course.  I would recommend taking Algebra II.