Engineering Tech Degree


Because College-NOW students are enrolled in BOTH Pioneer Career and Technology Center and North Central State College you must complete ALL of the following steps to be considered for the College-NOW program:

  • Complete a College-NOW application and mail it to the address indicated.
  • Give the counselor form to your school counselor to complete and mail along with an official transcript.
  • Complete the Pioneer online application. Please be sure to submit the parental consent form that is part of this application process.
  • Check with your school counselor to see if the Accuplacer college placement test is offered at your high school or call 419.755.4764 to schedule the test at North Central State College.  (Refer to this study guide to help prepare for the test.)

We will review the completed paperwork and test scores to determine acceptance into the program.

The applicant will then be notified of their acceptance status.