Why College-NOW?

College-NOW started as an attempt to help address two issues; a lack of engineers in the region served by North Central State College and having quality young people leave our area to gain further education and employment.  Working in collaboration, Pioneer Career and Technology Center and North Central State launched the College-NOW Engineering Technology program in the fall of 2004. North Central State College was awarded a FIPSE grant (Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education) which provided essential start-up funds for the program.

In 2013 we added Business Administration to our offering.

The concept was based on “what if” we could help the young achievers and their families start college during the high school years and “what if” this could be done at little or no cost to families. The hope was that these young students would seek employment with local companies by means of their two year associate degrees. It was also hoped that these students would pursue a four year degree with the advantage of having nearly two years already completed.