Visit the Bioscience College-NOW program on the campus of North Central State College, located at 2441 Kenwood Circle, Mansfield, Ohio 44906 in the Health Sciences building.

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Daily class work is taught by an onsite adjunct professor and other professors travel to ACWHCC from NCSC. Juniors will begin the year with lessons on basic laboratory procedures and simple problem-based experiments, then move on to dissection and comparative anatomy lessons.  

Fall Semester

Year One

BIOL1230   Biology I

BIOS 1010 Introduction to Bioscience Lab Techniques

BIOS 1030 Environmental Science

MATH 1110 College Algebra

Spring Semester

Year One

BIOS 1210 Histology

BIOL 1231 Biology II

BIOS 2440 Intro to Agriculture Science

ENGL 1010 English Composition I


Fall Semester

Year Two

ENGL 1030 English Composition II

BIOL 1550 Microbiology for Health Professionals

BIOS 2410 Advance Bioscience Lab Techniques

CHEM 1210 Chemistry I

HLST 1010 CPR/First Aid

Spring Semester

Year Two

________  Social Science Electives

BIOS 2550 Pharmaceutical/Toxicology Bioscience

BIOS 2530 Genetics

BIOS 2590 Bioscience Practicum/Seminar