Visit the Bioscience College-NOW program on the campus of North Central State College, located at 2441 Kenwood Circle, Mansfield, Ohio 44906 in the Health Sciences building.

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  • Advancing knowledge

    Advancing knowledge

    Bioscience offers students an opportunity to explore science in a variety of ways.

  • Associate Degrees for Graduates

    Associate Degrees for Graduates

    Bioscience College-NOW graduates receive their 2-year associates degree along with their high school diploma.

  • Studying Anatomy & Physiology

    Studying Anatomy & Physiology

    Comparative anatomy begins with dissection experience.

  • Science Can Be Fun

    Science Can Be Fun

    Bioscience students apply their knowledge as they experiment with problem solving.

  • Graduation Day

    Graduation Day

    The first Bioscience College-NOW graduating class celebrated their accomplishments.

  • Exploring Chemical Processes

    Exploring Chemical Processes

    Experiments such as this one in biodiesel production make Bioscience relevant to today's world.

  • Learning Basics

    Learning Basics

    Laboratory basics and safety procedures are stressed to students.

  • Bioscience Can Lead to Rewarding Careers

    Bioscience Can Lead to Rewarding Careers

    Taylor, a Bioscience College-NOW graduate, works in a local science laboratory while she decides which science area she wants to pursue when she returns for her 4-yr degree.

  • Laboratory Experience

    Laboratory Experience

    Bioscience offers laboratory experience that will be put to work in an internship setting during the second year.

Bioscience Degree

Have you always had an interest in science?  Are you thinking of pursuing a science-related career?  Bioscience College-NOW is a two year program that allows high school juniors to enter North Central State College and, with successful completion of requirements, receive a high school diploma along with an accompanying associate degree in Bioscience.  Bioscience College-NOW is a great way to get a head start on a four-year science degree or a good job in the work world.  

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